In order to determine the length and cost of a Life Story or Life Review for example we meet to discuss your goals for the project. With this information, I prepare a proposal tailored specifically to you. At a second meeting we will confirm priorities, get to know each other better, and agree on a set of themes for the interview.

We will record the NARRATIVE PORTRAIT over a series of visits in your home or my office. You will be encouraged to talk freely and guidance will be provided as needed, to ensure we cover the agreed upon themes.

Recording a Birth Story involves a considerably shorter process with most interviews lasting an hour to an hour and a half.  I usually talk with clients over the phone to discuss their goals before meeting with them to do the recording.  The recording can take place in your home or my office whichever is most convenient.

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Once the NARRATIVE PORTRAIT  is complete, I provide the audio recording in its final form.    I can produce CD'S. DVDs, or a digital file.

If a combination of audio and visual images is desired a multimedia DVD can be created as well.

The NARRATIVE PORTRAIT may also be transcribed and presented in an album for those who prefer the written word.